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Advanced Java (Java/ J2EE) Training

Training Name


HB Certified Advanced Java Programming.



Java is No. 1 programming language in world over decades. Java is trusted by small to large MNC Organizations for its Stability, Scalability, Robustness, Security and Platform Independence.

In today's world everything is based on Java e.g. laptops, notebook, mobile devices etc. are based on Java. Core Java is the minimum requirement to be a Java programmer.



Weekdays (Mon-Fri)/ Weekends Available (Sat & Sun)






HB Educational Services, 39/40, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20

Target Audience

Learning Advanced Java is fun!Any IT Professionals & Students who want to build JAVA technology skills can learn.

Training Overview

Advanced Java:

Our Advance Java course is designed for those students and professionals who want be Java Web Application Developer. Core Java is the prerequisite for this course. After completing this course trainees can develop their own dynamic web applications in Java.


Spring is general purpose and most commonly used Java framework. In order to be successful in Java web application and enterprise application development, knowledge of Spring is must.

Knowledge of Core Java & Advance Java is the prerequisite for this course.


Hibernate is the most commonly used ORM framework of Java. It deals with persistence of application data in database.

Knowledge of Hibernate is must to be successful as a Java programmer.

Core Java is the prerequisite for this course.

Training Content


  • Introduction
  • Features
  • Wrapper Classes
  • Scanner Class
  • Flow Control & Garbage Collection
  • Static, Final & Finalize
  • Inheritance & Abstract class
  • Exception Handling
  • Enum
  • Inner Classes
  • Collection framework
  • Generics
  • Files
  • Threads
  • JDBC
  • Java 8 Features


  • Need for Jsp
  • Life cycle of Jsp application
  • Components of Jsp
  • Classes in Jsp API
  • Create & Deploy a Jsp application


  • Overview of Servlets
  • Advantage of Servlets
  • Servlet Architecture
  • Creating a Servlet
  • Servlet Life Cycle


  • Introduction to Spring framework
  • Benefits of Spring framework
  • Spring Architecture


  • ORM
  • Overview of Hibernate
  • Hibernate Architecture
  • Hibernate Configuration
  • Hibernate Mapping
  • Hibernate Query

Mobile App:

  • Android Introduction
  • Android Architecture
  • Develop Android Application



Some knowledge in programming like C or C++

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