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CCNP Routing course in chennai

CCNP Routing

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CCNP (Routing)

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HB Certified networking professional in Routing



Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) program that addresses the growing demand worldwide for more trained computer networking professionals. The Cisco Network Support Certification track is designed for professionals working with traditional Cisco-based networks that predominantly include LAN and WAN routers and LAN switches.

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Training Time


2 hrs per day (Mon-Fri), 4 hrs per day (Sat & Sun), 6 hrs Sunday



40 hrs



HB Educational Services, 39/40, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20

Target Audience

Network administrators and technicians who are responsible for implementing and Troubleshooting complex routed network environments.

Training Overview

Skills and knowledge gained through training for the CCNP certification are installing, configuring, operating, and troubleshooting more complex Cisco-based networks that encompass LAN/WAN routing and LAN switching.

Over the last many years HB Educational Services has successfully trained several hundreds of networking professionals who have qualified in the CISCO certification exams.

Training Content

Chapter 1

  • Brief Explanation of routing with ARP header.
  • Static Route
  • Default Route

Chapter 2

Dynamic Routing
  • Classification of Dynamic Routing
  • Working principle of Distance Vector Algortihnm
  • Discussion of RIP
  • Exchange procees of Route updates
  • Route Advertistemnt in RIP v1/v2
  • Diferrence between Classful Advertistment and classless Adveristment
  • Routing Loops and steps to avoid the Loops
  • Passive Interface
  • RIP Authentication.

Chapter 3

  • Introduction to EIGRP
  • Eigrp Packets
  • Discussion about RTP
  • Neighbour Relationship process
  • Discussion on Sucessor / Feasible Sucessor
  • Discussion on Feasibility condition and method to avoid Routing Loops
  • B/W Calculation
  • Query Processing
  • Method to avoid Query Processing
  • Eigrp STUB
  • SIA Prolong
  • Graceful Shutdown
  • Eigrp Route Summarization
  • Variance
  • Eigrp Authentication.

Chapter 4

  • Redistribution in RIP, IGRP , EIGRP
  • One-way Redistribution
  • Two-Way Redistribution
  • Miscellaneous in Redistribution
  • Default Information orginate.
  • Frame -Relay
  • Hub and Spoke Topology
  • Partial-Mesh and Full-Mesh Topology

Chapter 5

  • Brief Discussion and architechture of OSPF
  • Neighbour Relationship process
  • Discussion on Areas
  • OSPF in BMA setup
  • LSA- Types
  • Redistribution in OSPF
  • OSPF in NBMA setup
  • OSPF Authentication
  • Virtual – Links

Chapter 6

  • Discussion of BGP
  • Methods of update in BGP
  • Discussion of IBGP
  • Discussion of Neihgbour Relationship process
  • Discussion in Update Source Command
  • Discussion of EBGP
  • Miscellaneous in IBGP and EBGP
  • Attributes
  • Path Selection

Chapter 7

  • Advanced Redistribution
  • Redistribution using Distribute List
  • Redistribution using Prefix List
  • Redistribution using Route-Maps
  • Redistribution using Tags
  • Policy-Based Routing
  • IPV6
  • OPSF in IPV6



Prior to CCNP courses, the applicants have to take the course for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) or have prior work experience with Cisco routers.

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Please reach our Adyar Center @ +91-44-42115338, or 91-9884987719 (Whatsapp & Call Support)

Please reach our Velachery Center @ +91-7550245795 (Whatsapp & Call Support)

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