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EC-Council Courses:

Planning to secure your future in the IT Industry? Looking to build a qualification to unlock your forensic possibilities? With the massive growth in the world and evolution of many technologies and moving towards smart technologies and smart cities, the information exchanged or disseminated in dispersed IT environment has implications of being exposed to various security threats & breaches on organizations technology, processes, people and an entire nation or country. Any such security breach or incident to critical data may result in drastic financial loss, legal account abilities, and reduced productivity with loss of brand reputation.

HB Services is partnering with the EC council (E-Commerce Consultants International Council) and delivering a full suite of specialized programs for those wanting employment in the rapidly evolving IT industry, through IT training institutes in Chennai.

Our IT Security courses follow the EC-Council Official Curriculum and are taught by an EC-Council Certified Trainer in IT training institutes, Chennai. Right now, we handle batches for CEH V9, ECSA V9, LPT and CHFI for Students and IT Professionals. These classes are being conducted in Week Days as well as Week Ends in our authorized trainer center in Adyar, Chennai.

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