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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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HB Certified Programme in Designing and configuring Exchange Server & Messaging Solutions



Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 validates the knowledge and skills to configure and manage a Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 messaging environment. This course will teach you how to configure Exchange Server 2010, as well as provide guidelines, best practices, and considerations that will help you optimize your Exchange server deployment.

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2 hrs per day (Mon-Fri), 4 hrs per day (Sat & Sun), 6 hrs Sunday



40 hrs



HB Educational Services, 39/40, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20

Target Audience

Candidates should have experience installing, managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting Exchange Server 2007, and managing messaging security and recovering messaging servers and databases

Training Overview

This course was developed for IT Professionals who need to design, plan, implement and support Microsoft Exchange 2010 Applications, which is giving user-friendly environment for Electronic Messaging. Like Global Messaging System, i.e. Internet Microsoft Exchange is providing the same Internet Environment in the corporate network organization with or without integration with Internet.

Over the last many years HB Educational Services has successfully trained several hundreds of networking professionals who have qualified in the Microsoft Exchange certification exam.

Training Content

Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Overview of Exchange Server 2010 Requirements
  • Installing Exchange Server 2010 Server Roles
  • Completing an Exchange Server 2010 Installation
  • Lab : Installing Exchange Server 2010
  • Lab : Verifying an Exchange Server 2010 Installation

Configuring Mailbox Servers

  • Overview of Exchange Server 2010 Administrative Tools
  • Configuring Mailbox Server Roles
  • Configuring Public Folders
  • Lab : Configuring Mailbox Servers

Managing Recipient Objects

  • Managing Mailboxes
  • Managing Other Recipients
  • Configuring E-Mail Address Policies
  • Configuring Address Lists
  • Performing Bulk Recipient Management Tasks
  • Lab : Managing Recipient Objects

Managing Client Access

  • Configuring the Client Access Server Role
  • Configuring Client Access Services for Outlook Clients
  • Configuring Outlook Web App
  • Configuring Mobile Messaging
  • Lab : Configuring Client Access Servers for Outlook Anywhere Access
  • Lab : Configuring Client Access Servers for Outlook Web App and Exchange ActiveSync

Managing Message Transport

  • Overview of Message Transport
  • Configuring Message Transport
  • Lab : Managing Message Transport

Implementing Messaging Security

  • Deploying Edge Transport Servers
  • Deploying an Antivirus Solution
  • Configuring an Anti-Spam Solution
  • Configuring Secure SMTP Messaging
  • Lab : Configuring Edge Transport Servers and Forefront Protection 2010
  • Lab : Implementing Anti-Spam Solutions

Implementing High Availability Overview of High Availability Options

  • Configuring Highly Available Mailbox Databases
  • Deploying Highly Available Non-Mailbox Servers
  • Lab : Implementing High Availability

Implementing Backup and Recovery

  • Planning Backup and Recovery
  • Backing Up Exchange Server 2010
  • Restoring Exchange Server 2010
  • Lab : Implementing Backup and Recovery

Configuring Messaging Policy and Compliance

  • Introducing Messaging Policy and Compliance
  • Configuring Transport Rules
  • Configuring Journaling and Multi-Mailbox Search
  • Configuring Messaging Records Management
  • Configuring Personal Archives
  • Lab : Configuring Transport Rules, Journal Rules, and Multi-Mailbox Search
  • Lab : Configuring Messaging Records Management and Personal Archives

Securing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Configuring Role Based Access Control
  • Configuring Security for Server Roles in Exchange Server 2010
  • Configuring Secure Internet Access
  • Lab : Securing Exchange Server 2010

Maintaining Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

  • Monitoring Exchange Server 2010
  • Maintaining Exchange Server 2010
  • Troubleshooting Exchange Server 2010
  • Lab : Maintaining Exchange Server 2010

Upgrading from Exchange Server 2003 or Exchange Server 2007 to Exchange Server 2010

  • Overview of Upgrading to Exchange Server 2010
  • Upgrading from Exchange Server 2003 to Exchange Server 2010

Implementing Unified Messaging Overview of Telephony

  • Introducing Unified Messaging
  • Configuring Unified Messaging
  • Lab : Implementing Unified Messaging

Advanced Topics in Exchange Server 2010

  • Deploying Highly Available Solutions for Multiple Sites
  • Implementing Federated Sharing



Graduates (any discipline) /BCA /MCA/ B.E/ Diploma Holders with good communication skills

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