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HB Certified in Advanced Java- Struts.



The struts 2 framework is used to develop MVC-based web application.The Struts 2 provides supports to POJO based actions, Validation Support, AJAX Support, Integration support to various frameworks such as Hibernate, spring, Tiles etc., support to various result types such as Freemarker, Velocity, JSP etc.



Weekdays (2hrs/day) / Weekends (3hrs/day)






HB Educational Services, 39/40, 1st Main Road, Gandhi Nagar, Adyar, Chennai-20

Target Audience

Java programmers with a need to understand the Struts 2.x framework and its application.

Training Overview

Struts 2 is an elegant, extensible framework for creating enterprise-ready Java web applications. The framework is designed to streamline the full development cycle, from building, to deploying, to maintaining applications over time.

Training Content

Struts Framework (version 2.x)

1. Basics of MVC

  • What is MVC?
  • MVC Type1 and Type2 architecture
  • Why struts framework?
  • Struts 1 overview
  • Struts 1 and Struts 2 comparison

2. Struts 2 Architecture

  • Architecture Diagram explanation of following components:
  • Components of Model, Views and Controller in Struts Framework
  • Interceptors
  • Model/Action classes
  • Value Stack
  • OGNL
  • Introduction to configurations; framework and application architecture
  • Declarative and Annotations configuration approaches

3. Struts 2 set up and first Action class

  • Download JAR files
  • Struts 2 project build up and Configuration files
  • To build Action class
  • To intercept an HTTP request via Struts2 framework using Action class
  • Defining data and business logic in Action class
  • Preparing and Forwarding control to Views

4. Struts 2 Interceptors

  • What are Interceptors?
  • Responsibilities of an Interceptor
  • Mechanism of Interceptor calling in Struts 2
  • Defining Interceptors
  • Defining Interceptor stacks
  • Defining Custom Interceptors

5. Struts 2 Tag Library

  • Introduction to tag library of Struts 2 and it's usage

6. Struts 2 Validations

  • Validations using Validateable interface
  • Workflow interceptor mechanism for validations
  • Validations using Validateable interface
  • Validation Framework introduction and architecture
  • Validating user input with above two mechanisms

7. Struts 2 Tiles Frameworks

  • Introduction to Tiles in a page
  • Struts2 Tiles framework introduction
  • Defining tiles.xml file
  • Configuring pages for tiles
  • A complete Tiles example with Struts2



Good understanding of the Java programming language. A basic understanding of MVC Framework and JSP or Servlet is very helpful.

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