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Online Training

What is Online Training?

There is no clear definition for online training and there are even more names for it: online learning, computer based training, eLearning, mLearning, distance learning, self-paced learning, and the list goes on?

This type of online training that we’re talking about is a form of instruction that involves the creation of learning content focused around a specific topic which is then assembled in to a variety of multimedia elements such as presentations, interactive content, graphics, audio, and video which form a course.

Online Training Requirements:

  • Access to a computer
  • Connection to the Internet
  • Basic knowledge of computers

Benefits of Using an Online Training System:

  • An online training system considerably reduces the travel, venue hire & food expenses, thus reducing much of your training cost
  • Since it is a self-paced style of learning, trainee absorbs information at a different rate. The courses are available to learners for completion at a time that’s convenient for them, 24x7 and learners get full convenience and flexibility.
  • Online learning opens up opportunities for students who may not previously have been able to access these resources and instructors due to geographical, physical, political or economic constraints.

How can we help in your Online Training requirement?

Our Online training courses are designed to guide people through information and coursework and help trainees to better perform in specific tasks. As well as presenting course material and content, online training gives students the opportunity for live interactions and real-time feedback for things like quizzes, tests and surveys. Interactions between instructors and students are also conducted via an online medium through chat or email.

HB Services is one of the pioneer online training Company and has successfully trained many professionals. Our objective is to equip our participants to gain the knowledge, learn the practical concepts and the examination techniques required to be successful. We can confidently tell you that our online training will save money, save time and influence others

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